Phone Apps for Productivity and Focus

  • RescueTime

    • For the computer or phone, RescueTime tracks where you spend your day and helps you manage distraction. Awareness is key!

    • Free Lite version, or $9/month for premium

  • Focus@Will

    • Curated music to help you focus and get work done.

    • Free 2 week trial

  • Pomodoro

    • There are several apps that use the “Pomodoro” method. It’s a technique that uses a timer to break work down into intervals, with short breaks in between.

  • Todoist

    • Set due dates and create tasks to keep your life organized and track progress on your phone or computer.

Apps on blocking apps/internet: Here are a few apps that we recommend for blocking distracting websites or apps when you need to focus.

  • Forest

    • Set a timer and plant a tree while staying away from phone distractions.

  • AppBlock

    • Block specific apps and notifications on your phone during scheduled times to stay focused.

  • Flipd

    • Block all apps and notifications for a set time in order to stay focused and off your phone.