Danny’s Place is a space for teens to connect, get inspired, and grow.

Founded in 2006, in the heart of the Acton-Boxborough community of Massachusetts, Danny’s Place is a loving tribute to Danny McCarthy, who in his short life taught all of us the importance of living fully.




Where everyone can belong.

We provide young people with experiences to explore and create, discover helpful resources, and grow into thriving, happy, and healthy emerging adults.

We are dedicated to helping young people discover their happiest, healthiest selves, and we create fun, interactive workshops and resources that inspire more balanced lives.


A unique community with unique challenges.

Acton-Boxborough is an extraordinary community. Our school system is highest in its class, with remarkable academics, athletics, and extra-curricular programs that produce some of the most impressive young scholars in the country. We are all grateful for these advantages. But we must also recognize the difficulties and disadvantages that come with them. In an environment where young people are pushed to always be their absolute best, the pressure can be overwhelming. It can be all too easy to lose sight of the parts of life that are not measured in grades and on scoreboards. And in its hardest moments, it can lead to anxiety, declining self-esteem, and depression.

Danny’s Place is a space where the young people of our community can find an escape from the pressures of school and social structure. A space where they can get help dealing with mounting workloads and dwindling time. And a space where they can discover ways to live a more balanced, healthier, and happier life.


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525 Mass Ave, Suite A 
Acton, MA 01720

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Who is Danny?

When Danny McCarthy was a high school student in Acton, MA, all his friends knew: his house was the place to go. Perhaps it was his humor, his generosity, his openness, his kind heart. Something about Danny made his place feel like home, a place where they could all escape from the pressures of school and just enjoy their time together. Danny knew that there was more to life than perfect academics. He gave his best effort to everything—sports, music, art, and, most importantly, being a son, a brother, and a friend. His appreciation for the people in his life and the lives they created together was something that everyone loved about him. And something none could forget.


In April of 2003, in his junior year of high school, Danny tragically died in a car accident while out with friends. Days after his death, Danny’s family and friends gathered to find a way to keep his spirit and his contribution alive. They decided to create a space in his memory where, just as Danny had drawn his own small community together in life, young people could come to connect and grow together. They called it Danny’s Place.

The community of Acton-Boxborough responded with an outpouring of support for the project, with so many donating their time, their money, and their talents toward making Danny’s Place a reality. And in March 2006, Danny’s Place opened its doors to the youth of the entire Acton-Boxborough community.

Since that day, Danny’s Place has built up its programming, partnered with numerous community organizations, and created a library of online resources to expand its reach and bring Danny’s love for life to more young people and their families.

Help young people create happier,
healthier lives.