Self Care Action Plan

A big part of self care is knowing when a specific strategy is appropriate based on how you’re feeling. What does THAT mean? Here’s an example: You’re really stressed out: you have 2 tests and a research paper due. You decide you need some self care because you are feeling stressed, so you decide to watch a TV show. Before you know it, you’re feeling more relaxed… and 5 hours have gone by. Now you still have 2 tests and a research paper, and you’re more stressed than you were before! Yes, watching a TV show might be a form of self care in some instances, but in this instance, it seems more avoidant. Sometimes self care isn’t “fun.” Sometimes, self care is not taking the easy way. In order to keep yourself accountable, try coming up with your own Self Care Action Plan.

Before creating your own action plan, check out this video:

Now, fill out this worksheet to create your own action plan:

Self Care Action Plan.jpg

Like we said before, it is helpful to know which strategies are appropriate depending on the situation and how you’re feeling. When do you need to connect with friends, and when do you need to take some time and space for yourself?

Try this worksheet to break down different self care strategies based on different feelings:

Self Care Categories.jpg