Phone Apps for Meditation

Mindful meditation is becoming a widely accepted practice. In today’s world, we are constantly receiving external stimulus, and our minds are constantly spinning with new information. More than ever, it is important to find time and space for simply “being” rather than “doing.” That being said, it can be a really hard practice to start, especially when we are used to being on-the-go and attached to our phones. One way to introduce mindful meditation is by using some helpful phone apps.

Below you’ll find a list of some of our favorite apps that offer a range of types of meditation and vary in amount of structure. Check them out!

Insight Timer

  • Free app for android and iOS phones.

  • Ranges in structure: there is an option for a simple bell that rings at the start and end of the timer. You can also add a background sound or music to the timer. If you prefer a guided experience, there are hundreds of free guided meditations to choose from, based on how much time you have or based on topic.

  • There is a social component to this app. It can be cool to see how many other people are meditating while you are! But also remember to practice safe social media boundaries. You can shut off friend requests, messages, and search visibility if you prefer.


  • Free for 10 sessions on android and iOS phones (also accessible on the computer). Subscription prices start at $7.99/month.

  • We love the look of this app! The design is very user-friendly, and the animation videos are fun to watch.

  • When you sign up, the app helps you to start your practice by suggesting to attach your meditation to an existing part of your routine. The app also asks questions about why you want to use the app (just checking it out, to reduce stress, to help sleep, etc.).

  • There is a “discover” section where you can pick different meditations based on topic.

  • You can “invite a buddy” to join you on Headspace!


  • Free version for android and iOS phones (also accessible on the computer). Premium version is $59.99/year.

  • When you open the app, it reminds you to take a breath. The main home page is customizable: you can choose a background image and sound.

  • This app has free Sleep Stories, stories you can listen to that can lull you to sleep, guided meditation packs, calming music and guided breathing. The premium version offers a “Daily Calm,” and a feature called “Calm Body” with videos guiding you in restorative poses.