Sparks and Me

Sparks and Me is a program for children in grades 5-6 who are interested in learning more about themselves through artistic activities in a small group setting. This program will explore questions like: Who am I? What are my strengths? What am I passionate about? Who are my champions?


Participants will try out diverse types of art forms; from photography to drum circles, to gratitude cards and cake decorating. Sessions will also emphasize skills and habits to nurture their unique passions, such as emotional awareness, stress management, and community building.

This 10 week program has four components:  Discover Your Sparks, Amplify Your Sparks, When Your Spark Gets Dim, and Share Your Sparks! The program culminates with a showcase event for family and friends.

As one past participant said: “This program creates a fun, crafty place where you can discover yourself, and make great friends!”