In-Control Driving / Defensive Driving Program


Acton-Boxborough Teen Advanced Driver Classes are led by In Control Crash Prevention, a non-profit organization whose mission is to keep our teens and young adults safe on the road. Certified instructors at In Control teach teen crash prevention training & ‘Skid Control’ classes and safe ‘hands on’ driving techniques including how to control panic stops, navigate emergency lane changes, avoid tailgating accidents, handle a car in dangerous situations and guard against distracted driving. Parents are encouraged to accompany their teens. Premier sponsors: Danny’s Place Youth Services and Acton Toyota of Littleton help to reduce the cost of the programs. Community partners: AB PIP STEM, ACANTHI, Acton Police Association, ABRHS Peer Leadership, Hanson Auto Body, Market Dynamics and Sal’s Auto, . Insurance discounts may apply.

Acton-Boxborough teens can also save $75 on any half-day safe driver training classes during the year at the In Control training facility in North Andover (mention ‘ActBoxDay’ discount’ to receive the discount). For more information about upcoming Acton-Boxborough area teen driving sessions, visit or call In Control Advanced Driver Training at 888-301-SAFE (7233).