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The thing about Danny's Place is it brings together a wide variety of students at AB.  That being said, I have become friends with
students that I would have never been friends with.  This has, in a way, forced me to improve on my "working w/others" skills because
being a volunteer you have to get along with and work well with everyone.  This place has been my first, real, adult work experience
and I have heightened my skills of being able to work with others.  Also, due to the fact many different kinds of kids go to Danny's
Place, I learned what the elementary schools failed to do:  "never judge a book by it's cover."  After 6 years of being a member and 4
years of being a volunteer, I finally understand and now live by this.
- Dan Rossignol, class of 2012
I learned that a proper role model can have an incredible effect on children.  Troubled kids need someone they can
look up to, and just interacting with them helps tremendously.  I learned to be responsible, accountable and
considerate because of my volunteer experiences at Danny's Place, and I intend to carry those lessons forward with
-Masha Elkin, Class of 2011
I learned that there are always others around you regardless of your life story.  Also, others may have a free-space
[Danny's Place] to explore their creative licenses in a very loving, safe and well-equipped environment.
- Nicole Rassulo, class of 2012
Senior (class of 2009) Patrick Gordon's presentation for the Community Service Awards

Good evening.

My name is Patrick Gordon and over the past year and a half I have volunteered my time at Danny’s
Place Youth Center.

After the tragic death of Danny McCarthy in 2003, the McCarthy family knew they wanted to build a
lasting legacy of Danny’s life. According to the McCarthy family, Danny always loved getting away from
the stress of school by just hanging out with his friends and enjoying something he called “Danny Time”,
or chill time. With Danny’s love of his friends in mind, the McCarthy’s and their close friends proposed an
idea to create a youth center which would allow other Acton Boxborough students to enjoy some “Danny
time” of their own, and in 2005, that idea became reality, they needed volunteers in order to keep Danny’
s Place running.

At the beginning of last year I was looking for a volunteer opportunity and heard that Danny’s Place was
looking for new volunteers, so I signed up to volunteer on 6th  grade day, and I continue to work the
same day weekly at the front desk. Although I am working out at the front desk, my time at Danny’s
Place has given me a chance to positively influence 6th grade students who may not have an older
sibling or someone to look up to. The kids are always happy to be at Danny’s Place and the fact that
they remember my name week in and week out makes me feel like I am truly making a difference in my

As my first volunteer experience, I did not know what to expect, or what was expected of me, but the
McCarthy family and the other staff members made me feel welcome, and were very thankful for my
time. I have greatly enjoyed my experience at Danny’s Place and hope that some of you other
volunteers will think about volunteering your time at Danny’s Place as well.

Thank You.
I have learned many things from being here at Danny's Place.  Firstly, I learned how to be a proper role-model for the
younger kids.  I've learned how to work with children ranging from the ages of 12-18.  Along with that, I've learned how to
keep a nice, safe and smooth running work environment.
- Laura Durán, class of 2012
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