2012 Senior Student Volunteer Scholarships.
The Danny's Place Mary Laurion Memorial Scholarhip awarded three senior scholarships of $850 each this June at
the High School's 2012  Scholarship Awards Ceremony. The recipients are:

Daniel Rossignol, Nicole Rassulo and Laura Duran.

These three students excelled at providing years of service to the Youth Center.  Your continued support enables
DPYS to continue this tradition.
2012 Community Service Awards Recipients
This past January, Danny's Place saw several students receive awards from the school for their community service
involvement at the center.
seniors: Dan Rossignol, Ben Di Christina, Laura Duran, Nicole Rassulo
Juniors: Stephen Barnard, Mike Amato, Courtney Gambone, Tiffany LaPierre, Lyra Rashbaum, George Wrenn,
Kevin Clark, Johann Vernillet, James Phillips, Keith Shields, Tracey Ferreira, Thalia Bracamonte
Sophmore: Jesse Lack, Erica Steverman, Jessica Isenberg, Jordan Al-Atraqchi
Freshman:  Jenna Wyant, Elizabeth Baldwin
In 2010, Senior Patrick Gordon spoke to the audience.  He related how much it meant to serve Danny's Place.
To view his speech, please click here.
2012 Scholarships:  Jon Kerr, Sean Widrick, Recipients Dan
Rossignol, Nicole Rassulo, Presenters Kate & Danielle Laurion, Cindy