Membership Fees
Danny's Place charges a $50 membership fee for Acton and Boxborough youth in Grades 6 through 12 to help cover our operating
costs. We are now accepting payment for the 2010/2011 membership which runs from the beginning of  September  through the end
of July. Payments can be made online with
credit card payments or directly at the center via check or cash (we can not accept credit
cards at the center).

New members must fill out a
Membership Packet signed by a parent or guardian and accompanied by a check or credit payment
for the $50 membership fee. Returning members can fill out a Renewal Form and must bring in a check or credit payment
receipt for the $50 membership fee.  Please include the youth's name and "renewal" if paying

Multi year discounts are now available as follows:  2 year membership - $90 / 3 year membership - $125.  If you are a new member
and interested in the multi-year discount, please email us at  (Checks may be sent to PO BOX 3088, Acton,
MA 01720).

Membership Packets are available online and at the front desk of Danny's Place.
We keep our administrative costs at a
minimum by utilizing our staff of
Danny’s Place is located on the Acton-
Boxborough school campus and can be
reached at 978-264-9754.
Danny’s Place is required by law to make immediate contact with Police authorities if illegal activities are suspected at the youth
center including underage use of alcohol or drugs.
Evening Closing Policy
During the week, Danny's Place afternoon hours end at 6PM. It is imperative that youth are picked up from the center by that time. If
they can not be picked up by 6PM, arrangements must be made to pick up your youth at a location other than the Administration
Building in which Danny's Place is located. This is a school administration building and youth can not be left unattended in or around
the building as staffing is minimal in the evening and should an emergency occur, there may not be anyone available to respond.
Also, parents and youth should not expect staff to provide them with a ride home.

If youth continue to loiter past the 6PM time frame, it will affect their continued admittance to the center.
In order to provide unobstructed access to buses and emergency vehicles coming to the Administration Building during the school
day, there is now a No Parking Zone in the front circle of the Administration Building. Drivers bringing students to Danny's Place must
park in the Parker Damon Building (PDB) lot or the front Visitor Spaces. Cars entering the driveway at the front of the building will be
re-routed to the PDB lot. Please avoid parking in spaces designated for staff in the PDB lot. The Acton Police will be monitoring the
situation. Violators will be given one warning. Further violations will be reported to the Acton Police who will send tickets. Tickets will
need to be paid prior to the renewal of your license and registration.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Given the high incidence of cars blocking the access of buses, and in one
case, emergency vehicles being blocked, this action has become necessary.
Important Parking Info
Danny’s Place is a drop-in center. Youth are free to come and go from the center as they please.  While on outings, or during any
transportation activity, the staff will use reasonable efforts to monitor the participants, but will not be responsible for any participant
who leaves the group. Staff members are facilitators, not supervisors. We hold youth to the standard of conduct outlined in the
Proclamations of Danny’s Place (page 6 of the membership packet), but we have no authority over them, except to restrict their
access to the center. Be certain your child understands your expectations regarding his or her behavior. Members and visitors are
responsible for notifying their parents/legal guardian of their daily plans for after school activities and to arrange for their own
transportation to and from Danny’s Place.

This also means that youth will need to leave the Danny's Place facility in order to patronize the public rest-rooms in the school's
administrative building in which we are located.  These rest-rooms are used for several other programs in the building as well
offices.  Please respect the facility and our surrounding building neighbors.

It is also the school's policy that youth should not be loitering in the hallway or the front awning area outside.  The school will take
notice and respond accordingly.  The use of sporting equipment (this includes skatebpards) is also prohibited in these areas.
Drop-in Policy
Danny’s Place Youth Center
Call for Volunteers
We are in need of volunteers for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year.  Our primary need is for our 6th grade
Thursdays at the check-in desk covering shifts from 12:30 to 2:30, 2:30 to 4:30 and from 4:30 to 5:45.  Ideally, we
would like to have two individuals for the first two shifts and one for the third shift.  Rotation would be on a bi-
weekly basis.  Please let us know if you can help.

Other opportunities include chaperoning within the center itself on Thursdays for the same time period as noted
above.  Also, if you have a special talent or trade you would like to share with the youth, especially the 6th graders
on Thursdays, please let us know.  We are always looking for individuals to lead arts and crafts, play instruments
with the kids, help at the cafe or, heck, even play video games with them.  
We also have a need for Special Event volunteers for various Friday and Saturday evenings.  These include
concerts, Girl’s Night, 4th & 5th Grade Nights and other events as they arise.

If you can volunteer your time and would enjoy being around youth in a non-academic environment, please get in
touch with us at or 978-264-9754.
We are a volunteer driven 501 C 3 non-profit organization.  We do not receive any federal, state, local or school
funding and are dependent upon the help of individuals such as yourself to keep our center running.  Thank you.