Welcome from Cindy and Jeff McCarthy
Danny McCarthy’s friends were the treasures of his short life. Time spent with friends was the highlight of his day, even if all they did
together was watch movies, play video games or just hang out. He enjoyed playing hockey and lacrosse for the competition and the
fun but the real reason he played was to spend more time with kids he cared about.

Danny’s group of very close friends enjoyed his sense of humor, his loyalty, and his ability to help them with their problems. He was
always sensitive to how his friends were getting along with each other and was careful when mixing groups of kids together. He had
a knack for bringing many different kinds of kids together, and for making them feel comfortable. Danny nurtured friendships, and
caring for them was his first priority.

Danny brought light and life into every setting, turning an ordinary day into a bright and sunny one with his wonderful sense of humor
and his love of life. He brought a light-hearted spark to every setting but he was not a flashy person, choosing to wear plain shirts and
ordinary khaki pants to keep the focus on others rather than attract attention to himself.

When Danny was very young, he began to voice a request that became continuous for a place he called “Dannyland” ─ a place he
and his friends could call all their own, in his house or on a piece of land outside. Thanks to the efforts of many, many people, Danny’
s Place is a reality — a place kids can call their own.

In today’s challenging, competitive world, there are many stresses in the lives of teenagers. Many times amidst Danny’s struggles
with these very real stresses he retreated to ‘Danny Time’ — purely unstructured time doing whatever he wanted. Many kids would
benefit from a little ‘Danny Time’ in their lives. Danny also knew that being with friends calmed him and made him feel better about
life, noting, “When I’m stressed I spend time with my friends. They help me to feel better.”

Danny cannot be here physically but his values will be the guiding force behind Danny’s Place, especially in the premium he placed
on positive relationships and lasting friendships. Danny’s love of games, computers, music, sports, and socializing with friends over
food and TV will live on forever. Enter, enjoy some ‘Danny Time,’ and Welcome to Danny’s Place.
Read complete article reprinted with permission from The Beacon,
Thursday October 13, 2005